WSOP Champions

The WSOP, also commonly known as the World Series of Poker is an annual poker series tournament that is aimed at crowning a poker champion every year. It is the only poker game in which a winner is chosen through secret ballot. This tournament dates back to 1970. It was pioneered by Benny Binion and the seven best poker players that were known in the world at the time. Since that time, the tournament has grown immensely, attracting thousands of entrants every year. This number continues to grow progressively year after year. To date the tournament has recorded close over a million entrants since it begun. In addition to the title, a WSOP champion is also awarded a cash prize and bracelet. The cash prize is different every year and is determined by the number of buy-ins and entrants therefore the more the number of entrants every year, the bigger the reward for the winner(s). The tournament is mostly held in Las Vegas in different venues every year. In the year 2011, this tournament attracted a record 760,000 people. In recent times, due to technological advancements, people are able to participate in the tournament online and therefore can do so from the comfort of their own homes. Poker is perhaps one of the most interesting games ever invented. In addition to the chance to earn some extra money, it is a game of skill. Most people who are good at poker have learnt to be so good by practice. It […]